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Site created on August 30, 2020

Us kids have been so overwhelmed with the amount of love and support over the last few days regarding the status of our parents. In an effort to keep everyone updated, we wanted to create this site. 

Our parents were involved in a jet ski accident on Friday August 28th where our dad's jet ski exploded. Our mom was able to perform life saving efforts to bring our dad to safety. Both were taken by ambulance to the hospital. Our mom sustained severe burns to her body. Dad suffered a concussion, a broken back/spinal injury, 3 broken ribs, several other wounds and burns. Both were stabilized and transferred to the ICU where they currently remain.

Please send any cards/gifts to:
Lakehead Clutch and Brake
C/O Tim & Ann
2205 W. 1st St.
Duluth, Mn. 55806

Newest Update

Journal entry by Eliason Smith

It's been a while since we've been able to update you all on Mom and Dad's progress. We're so thankful for each and every one of you for your tremendous support during this journey.

Our family will be doing a live video presentation this coming Sunday (August, 29th) at 6pm. The presentation will include a walkthrough of the day of the accident, their journey in the hospital and where they're currently at. We expect the church to be at full capacity so we are asking everyone that isn't close family, friends or directly involved in their care to view the presentation online. It will be available live on the Faith Baptist  Church Hermantown Facebook page or you can follow the link (fbchermantown.org). 
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