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Journal entry by Lori Candy

Oh Thomas I miss you SO much! You are my heart, my life, my love.

I am trying so hard to be strong and make you proud. I also at times have to laugh ~ like the day I hacked into your Facebook account.... I was trying to find the person you had been talking to about selling your motorcycle to and inadvertently caused quite a shock when it sent notifications to people that you were online (seriously sorry about that!) but I have a clear mental picture of your reaction to the uproar... And it makes me smile lol


I had been trying for days to figure out the password to your IPad, it kept locking the device for longer and longer periods of time and I figured one of the times it was going to say that's IT your done lol so yesterday as I walked past your desk I kinda off handedly punched in a code and was walking away when I heard it chiming that it was unlocking! Eureka! I was so happy because I knew you were sayin 'ata girl' I knew you could do it....Because that was my Thomas, always my cheerleader, my strength, my support. He always had my back.


Thomas, I could write endless journals of what you mean to me and to the peoples lives you touched but instead  I will share this one story that will explain so much about the amazing man you were... 


If Thomas saw someone stranded on the side of the road he ALWAYS stopped to help. Sometimes help was already on the way so it would be a short stop and sometimes the people were in complete need as with a family years ago he found stranded on I-80. It was a husband and wife with a couple small children so Thomas loaded them all into his pickup and drove  them into Kearney. First he took them to find a wrecker and repair shop, then to find a motel for the night and finally took them to get food and supplies for the night. Of course Thomas spent the time getting to know them, where they were from ect....forming a true and lasting bond with the family. It was only a few hours out of Tom's day but he forever touched their hearts. The family kept in contact with Thomas and they would call each other a few times a year, the kids would even get on the phone to talk to Thomas lol.
Several days ago I sent them a text message to let them know he had passed and I got the most amazing text back from them. It expresses how much his kindness and generosity meant to them and it warmed my heart all the way to my toes just knowing this is just one of the many many stories out there of the people's lives Thomas touched. I have always known how blessed I am to have him in my life and I wish it could have been for longer as I had more to learn from him but Thomas you truly are my heart, my life, my love.
I will love you forever my Candyman.

Below is a copy of the text message from The Gomez family 

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