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Journal entry by Molly Wentworth

Mom is still hanging in with us. In mid-November we saw a little downward turn with mom and her mobility. She is no longer able to get out of bed or even be lifted into sitting on the walker. She is only speaking about 10% of the time, she uses sign language and gestures to communicate, when she does tell us things.

Thank you to everyone who came for Thanksgiving, it really was a nice day. One thing that was discovered is that as much as mom really wanted the dinner at the house, it was completely overwhelming for her. She had a lot of anxiety and we did try to help that a bit with some medication mid-day. She did relax more in the evening and was able to enjoy some dessert. 

The past couple of weeks she is sleeping a lot more, probably 20 to 22 hours a day. She tries so hard, but cannot follow complex conversations at all. In the last week we are noticing she is eating and drinking less, which is normal as things are winding down. There are some other physical signs as well. Even though we know what is coming, it is hard to see it happening. 

But all of that being said, she is in zero pain, she is completely comfortable, and she is surrounded by love. 

If you would like to see mom, if it is important to your heart, or you just want to tell her you love her, now is the time. We don't know how much time is left, but her passing is coming closer and if you would like to visit, please don't delay. She still loves to see her loved ones faces, and now is the time. 

If in your heart it feels a little too difficult to come and see mom, that is completely okay. Please keep mom in your prayers, and in your hearts. Pray for her continued comfort, for the ease in her heart and mind to deepen, and for peaceful days. 

Sending you all my love. Please know I am happy to text, message, speak with anyone. 
Cell: 206-251-2656
You can find me on instgram and snapchat as well. 

Christmas Day, the house is open to anyone that wants to stop by at any time after about 1:00. I am planning lots of snacks and treats, and of course lots of dessert (mom's favorite) and we would love to see anyone and everyone. (maybe shoot me a text or message)


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