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Site created on November 9, 2020

Lauren Goldstone-Perez is just one of the most beautiful, compassionate, dedicated people so many have been blessed to meet.  The hope is that this website will be a central source of information and ongoing support for Lauren and her loved ones as she prepares to fight Hodgkins Lymphoma in typical kick ass Lauren style. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Candace Laursen

Round 2: 

Lauren had her 1st day of round 2 yesterday. The last two weeks had some really low moments. Her side effects were less severe this time... but they lasted much longer. She only started to feel better 4 days before chemo. As much as she was glad to not have a burning mouth when she drinks water or severe jaw pain, feeling like you have the flu for a week and a half (and knowing that you have to keep feeling like this until March) really sucks. Not to mention hair loss, which led to a lot of emotion and YouTube tutorials of how to shave your head. 

We had some moments of feeling helpless the last two weeks and that brought us both really low. But, we are doing our best to have a positive outlook and making the most of the moments of joy we have together. For example: doing yoga together, and making fun of each other; snuggling on the couch and laughing about all the funny sounds her tummy makes; making scones; creating different flavors of water (because water gets really boring eventually) and having “dates” to the grocery store where Lauren is allowed to go but NOT TOUCH. Just a short trip to the store is enough activity for the whole day usually. 

Lauren’s oncologist told us yesterday that she will have another PET scan after this round (probably the beginning of February) to see how much cancer is left. I suspect that even if it is gone she will still have to proceed with the last two rounds because of the the risk of reoccurrence. 

We are most grateful for a few things; she still has neutrophils, and her labs showed she is better hydrated and eating more protein (both things we have been working on)! And I felt really encouraged today by seeing old coworkers, and am looking forward to having three weeks off in February between assignments. 

If you read all the way through this, thank you for caring for us and for your continued support, love, prayers and positivity. We love you!
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