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Journal entry by Terrie Cooper

Hello everyone,

Great news, I believe this will be my last post! Over the past two months I have made excellent progress. I received outstanding vestibular physical therapy here in Sister Bay from Jenn Gaddes and the hard work has paid off, my double vision and vertigo are nearly gone! I am so relieved as this was very challenging and it took every ounce of my will and energy to move through it. Thank you too, to all of you who took me out on daily nature walks, swims and even a few kayak paddles, brought me home cooked meals, flowers and healing gifts, drove me to my appointments and shopped for me. These activities and your company fed my soul and strengthened by body and were the key to my healing. 

Though I had been a bit discouraged in June to learn that a piece of the tumor still remained next to my optic nerve, I am optimistic that it will stay stable and my vision will continue to improve. My left eye is still weak, with so much tumor imbedded bone having been removed from my skull and eye socket. My eye muscles don’t have a stable attachment and there will always be a slight jiggling in my eye that causes me to feel disoriented and dizzy at times. Oscillopsia is the medical term for this. I am still not able to drive very confidently but am practicing each week on the backroads. Watch out for the gold Prius! I trust my eye muscles will continue to strengthen and I will become accustomed to my new visual challenges. I return to Mayo Sept 28 for follow up visual tests and monitoring of my optic nerve and again in December, for an MRI to monitor the status of the remaining piece of tumor. I have been told annual MRIs will most likely be with me for the rest of my life.

Other good news, on August 2, I returned to the important work of protecting our county’s precious lands. I am so grateful for the incredible support of my boss, colleagues and our board as I will work primarily from home with a day a week in the office as I transition back to work. It was an exhausting few weeks but I am finding my way and excited to be back.

Words cannot even begin to express the gratitude I have for the outpouring of support I have received every step of the way. I am truly humbled by the beautiful and generous community of friends and family that surround me. My every need; physical, emotional, financial and spiritual, have been met by all of you, my healing team. I hope I will have a chance in the upcoming months to spend some time with each of you and thank you personally for your help in my healing. I have learned so much throughout this journey and know I have the strength, confidence, will and support to move through whatever comes my way.  You have been the wind beneath my wings!

Wishing you all a healthy and joyful rest of summer and may our paths cross soon.

With the deepest gratitude, Terrie 💕

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