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Site created on September 29, 2018

On 09/28/2018 Mary (aka Puddin) had a sudden cardiac arrest. Her heart rhythm was out of sync and then just stopped beating altogether. Her defibrillator shocked her multiple times trying to get the heart back into some kind of rhythm--all to no avail. She was unconscious, not breathing, and had no detectable pulse. After family CPR efforts, the paramedics placed a mechanical CPR device on her, inserted a breathing tube down her throat, and shocked her heart into some kind of rhythm, stabilized her and rushed her to St Lukes ER.  She spent 5 days in the MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit), another 3 days on a regular floor unit, and then was transferred to St Lukes Rehabilitation on the afternoon of 10/05/2018. She was released from the hospital and came home on 10/16/2018. She is now participating in exercise classes, plus other therapy and lifestyle learning classes as well as periodic appointments with various medical providers. Mary's spirit and fight is strong! She is a fighter and is continuing to stay stable.  We love and appreciate each and everyone of you reaching out. Your well wishes and prayers are being shared with Puddin as they are posted. We will update as much  as possible when we have more information. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Megan Hudson

Hi Everyone, 
First a very heartfelt thank you to those that have sent letters and flowers.  She really does love to hear about what's going on in your life as well as some of the memories you share with her.  Mom wanted me to please tell everyone thank you!  

She is still pretty weak but is making some great "mini goals" to slowly get her strength back.  She sits in her chair every 2 hours (this helps with keeping her lungs clear) and her goal is to walk with her walker from her room to the bathroom by next week.   It seems she may have bit her lip and tongue and because of poor circulation and being on a blood thinner her tongue and lip don't heal quickly so blood has pooled around her mouth causing her lip and chin to go purple!  It was pretty frightening until we learned what was happening from her doctors.  Dad has taken her off the blood thinner and we are starting to see a difference.  She is able to eat more but still needs to be careful she doesn't overdo it (this causes her discomfort and she has thrown up because of being too full).  We are grateful she is able to eat whatever she wants (can't imagine not being able to enjoy food!).   We are very happy she's home and resting.  We missed her terribly while she was in the hospital and she is determined "not to go back!" :)  
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