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Journal entry by Matt Schenkel

Well, we decided to make the long trip back to Rochester.  It was successful already because we were able to have dinner with Zach last night.  That was great.  But, as usual, we were a little late getting started from Madison so we were a few minutes late to our first OT session.  All went well though.  They made her a new splint for her hand to keep it from stiffening up in closed position.  

PT was wonderful.  The therapist, Jill, had her up walking again and doing many other things that Susan didn't know she could do.  (She now stands to brush her teeth.)  Jill could tell she was stronger than the last time she was here in September so therapy in town is definitely worth while.  More than anything, Jill is great at explaining what is going on with Susan's body so she hopefully will be less afraid to do things.  Hopefully, by the end of the week, Susan will overcome many of her fears and make that next big step to recovery.

Meanwhile, we are staying at the Aspen Select Hotel.  It is a local place right across from the clinic.  It is nice.  But, as per Susan, "It is not a Hilton or Marriott."  It will do for a few nights.  I hope to be able to get out and explore the area since we have time.  The temperature is cool, though, and Susan's temperature control unit is still not functioning correctly.  She needs to be bundled up in blankets when we go out.

I'll try to send an update at the end of the week with all the great things that happen while we are here.

Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts.  They sure help.
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