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Navigating the time from receiving a life-threatening diagnosis, through treatment, and into the survivorship phase is turbulent and has an immense psychological and physical impact. A common misconception in society is that survivorship is a joyful time that signifies triumph; the end of a long battle won. However, many patients and caregivers report this time is filled with uncertainty, relentless scans, lab tests, appointments, fear, and social-isolation.

This space is intended to provide support throughout survivorship. Online communities work best with more people and shared knowledge. We hope you use this space to tell your story and express your feelings and experiences while encouraging others.

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Taking Charge of Your Survivorship is an interactive website designed to support individuals, and their families, living with cancer and other rare genetic diseases. This technology platform provides safe, reliable, and evidence-based information to help enhance and encourage survivorship wellbeing.
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Journal entry by Kristine Hagedorn RN, BSN

If you are offering support to a survivor of cancer or a rare disease, remember that you don’t need to try to make them feel better all the time. You can help by validating emotions and offering support.

Toxic positivity is when a person denies, invalidates, or minimizes a negative or distressing situation by overgeneralizing the positives. Although well-intended, jumping to positivity right away can cause shame and minimize an experience.

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To learn more about toxic positivity and ways to offer support, visit Taking Charge of Your Survivorship

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