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Hi my name is Surina and I live in Texas I have 2 big brothers Jake and Jonathan and my favorite dog in the world named Bruce, I am the baby of the family. My Mommy and Daddy Love me very much and is so proud of how strong I have been through the past 3 yrs, and Thank God everyday for letting me survive this bad cancer.

I just turned 4 yrs old Jan 25th when I was diagnosed with Pre-b cell Luekemia on March 22 2005 and I went into remission right away and the Doctors were very happy the chemo did so good and they told my Daddy we could go home and it happened to be Easter Morning, my Daddy says its was Jesus who healed me and it was his day we celebrated his resurrection.
Heres my story:
my mommy said I had a fever for weeks that was a low grade and it wouldn't go away with the usual pain medicine.  So off we went to the doctor and he sent me home with antibotics and told me to rest, then my ears started hurting alot so then we went back, this went on for about a month. my legs started hurting and my back but I rarely complained to my mommy. Then I soon got broncitis and the fever came back within days of the antiboitics, so we went to the ER a few times and the doctor at one of the Hospitals was very rude to my mommy about how I didn't look sick and I was wasting his time. well after a few weeks of all this i didnt get better and bruises started appearing on my legs,arms,face, finger nails, tummy also little pink dots all over my chest. My mom felt helpless but took me back to the peditrician and was scared to show the bruises to him because she was scared he would call the police on her, but she went ahead and showed him and he said that I needed to go straight to Childrens Hospital in Dallas.
I have had the best Doctors and nurses by my side during the 2 1/2 year journey but my favorite one would be Dr Jonathan Wickheiser he made me laugh all the time and when I couldn't find him they would page him for me and he would come see me anytime.
I do have to say Thanks to all my family especially my Nana who stayed with me alot and my papa and uncle and angela who visited me often, I had alot of cousins and aunts, uncles, friends that came to see me to make me happy, I couldn't have gotten through it without all of you.  
So thats my story: Jesus has been with me through this long journey and he is my strength to continue, I have alittle problems here and there but my Nana told me Jesus healed me once he can do it again.

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Journal entry by Surina Shrestha

Hi ... I am now 19yrs old ... I was diagnosed with POTS SYNDROME, Graves Disease, Lattice Eye Disease, EDS, and a few other stuff. I have been told I am that small bunch that has issues with my health after chemo. I spend prob 2 or 3 times in hospital every year and have episodes with low BP throughout the year. I stay positive and have my faith God isn't done with me and I will fight this every day. 
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