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Site created on March 8, 2021

Welcome to Alf’s Caringbridge site! Thank you for checking in on him and praying for his recovery! 🙏❤️
Alf has 2 sons, Andy and Nick, and his 2 new daughters (in law) Kristina (Andy’s wife) and Seneca (Nick’s wife). Alf has 5 grandkids! 2 boys and 3 girls!

On February 27th 2021 Alf was in a snowmobile accident on Lake of the Woods. He is now in the ICU in Grand Forks in room 535 on a ventilator and under sedation.

We need him to keep fighting and come home to us! Keep the prayers flowing! ❤️

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kristina Stoskopf

Our prayers have been answered and Alf has come home!!! So this is what things are looking like as of now..

Alf will be staying with Andy and I for a while. We have finally moved upstairs in our new house and he will have his own “apartment” downstairs. Everything is on one level for him and he can walk out the door to the back yard without having to climb any stairs. I will be home with him for a while so he isn’t alone during the week when Andy has to go to work. Alf has been doing so great! He is absolutely ecstatic to be out of the hospital/rehab. He has gained so much independence since starting rehab. He was there for 14 days and he can now walk on his own. Get in and out of bed on his own (we have equipped the bed with a bar that he can grab to pull himself up). He can shower, shit, and shave on his own now too!!! He can walk back and forth in the house so well! He has to watch his step a little bit but is getting around like a champ! He has been home for 24 hours now and has so enjoyed seeing his grandkids! He has gotten to FaceTime with his little loves Silver and Seven too and hopefully he will be able to squeeze them soon, as they are still up in Thunderbay. He has said his beautiful grand babies are the force that drove him to keep fighting! ❤️ 

Here is how he is doing health wise.. 
He still has a drain for his gallbladder, that will come out in July and they are planning on removing his gallbladder when they remove his drain. He still has a central line in the right side of his neck for dialysis... BUT... his kidney doctor called me today to tell me that I am to have him do lab work in Warroad right away Monday morning. If his labs come back looking good we will drive down to Grand Forks on Tuesday around lunch time and they will remove his central line as he will no longer need dialysis!!!!! That is the best news!!! His kidneys have been picking up function in this last week and we are so excited and hopeful that they will continue to improve and he will be dialysis free!!!! 

Alf has been all smiles and giggles ever since he got to bust out of rehab, the first thing he wanted to do was swing through a drive through for a burger, so Andy found the nearest Wendy’s for a burger and a chocolate frosty! When we got home April and Dave brought some homemade lasagna and garlic bread for us to eat for dinner (Thank you April, I didn’t want to cook 😂) He slept in a real bed for the first time in 6 weeks last night and he said he slept like an angel! This morning Andy cooked us a big breakfast and the weather decided warm up so we watched the kids ride wheelers for a while. He had a few visitors too which really brightened his day even more, Don DeMars and his girls came over, His brother Dan came to visit, and Chelsea has been here helping out too! 

As the day has settled down so have we all, the men (Andy, Alf, and Donny) are relaxing, visiting and eating bowls of ice cream. The kids (Preston, Bently, Lily, Andrea, Hailey, & Kenna) just came in from playing “Ghost in the Graveyard” outside and turned on a movie. 

We want to thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers throughout this whole ordeal, we could not have gotten through any of this without God, our family, and the support and love from every single one of you! Grateful isn’t a strong enough word to describe the love Alf and all of us have felt from the support we have gotten. 

Love and thanks, 
Andy & Kristina, Nick & Seneca, 
& all of our kids ❤️ 
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