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Jul 05-11

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Hello family and friends -
Sorry for the delay in updating you all, we’ve been a bit on pins and needles this week. 
In typical Steve Susman fashion, he has yet again amazed us. He has responded well to the COVID treatment regiment and is now stable on regular nose cannula oxygen. He is truly a force of nature. 
He must stay at the hospital for two weeks before being tested again. Then he must have two negative COVID tests within 48 hours of each other. Once he is cleared, he will return to TIRR rehab and we will resume the process of rehabilitation. The path of which is uncertain and most likely will continue to have ups and downs. However, our family remains strong and united in this journey. 
We so appreciate all of your well wishes and prayers. Please keep them up and we hope to be bringing more positive reports in the future. 
With love,
Steve’s family

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