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Journal entry by Linda Rebiger

Steve was supposed to have hernia surgery several weeks ago but his platelet count was low so the surgeon wanted to get that checked out before going forward.  I thought that was prudent.  That meant a visit to a hematologist.  He had his visit a few days ago, lots of bloodwork and an ultra sound of the liver and spleen as they are both involved in blood production.  

His Bilirubin was a little elevated and his spleen was a little enlarged.  They checked for hepatitis C, HIV, blood cancers and all of those were negative.  So her thought is that there is possibly a small blockage in the bile duct in the liver so that the liver would eat up the  platelets.  She is not too worried at this point.  His count was up a little bit from the last test, so that was good.  It can also be affected by illness, or inflammation so she isn't sure why it was down but she was comfortable with his going forward with his hernia surgery and said the heart issue is more of a problem than the platelet number at this point.  

So, I'm glad we went ahead and got it checked so we can watch the liver and spleen issue.  His kidneys are good.  She wants to redo the bloodwork in about 3 mos.  His B12 and iron are a bit low so we will supplement those.

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