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Site created on May 27, 2018

Welcome to my CaringBridge!  This is an amazing FREE site that I will be using to keep our family and friends updated all in one place.  It will allow you to visit and check in as often as you want.  It will also prevent myself from picking the worst times to do an update or worse forgetting someone.  You get to choose when and how often to visit.  We appreciate your support, words of hope and encouragement.  Love, Stacey

Newest Update

Journal entry by Stacey Harris

Wednesday at midnight I started menstruating heavily.  Friday afternoon I went to ER. Blood work came back good, ultrasound was done and a cyst was found  but out nothing serious.  I was told to stop tamoxifen, and given an RX to use if the bleeding worsens.  Next week I must consult with oncologist and OBGYN. 
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