Shawn’s Story

Site created on June 8, 2019

May 9, Shawn noticed something abnormal about her breast. Currently, she's been diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. We are in the first stages of her diagnosis and optimistic about her recovery. Shawn is healthy and strong, and we believe her body, heart and mind are stronger than the cancer. This is a way to keep everyone updated as we go along this path in our journey. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Roger Mancastroppa

Shawn has healed nicely from the oopherectomy and is beginning to get her strength back. She’s making the transition back to work right now which is challenging. She’s also figuring out her medication for the hormone repression therapy which has uncomfortable side effects. She’s been very proactive with her lymphodema and seems to be benefiting from wearing the compression clothing. Please keep her in your hearts as she moves forward into a new way of being back in what often feels like her “old life before cancer.” Grateful for all of you! 
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