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Site created on February 20, 2021

Hi all. On February 16th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's overwhelming and scary, but if anyone is equipped to handle it, it's definitely me. I appreciate all your love and support through this path to wellness and kicking cancer to the curb!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Neil Vachhani

Just a quick update.  I know we're not great at posting frequently to this page, but we do want everyone to know that we notice all the responses, words of support and even just reactions and visits; we deeply appreciate all of it.  Today was another long day at Mayo, but one filled with more agency and hope as we get back to (re)starting treatment.  We met with our radiation oncology team today and the team at Mayo really has their act together; it was abundantly clear that they have been working closely with our oncologist, the attending neurosurgeon, and the GYN surgeon to ensure that Shana gets a great holistic plan in place that we can start at last.  And moving forward, we are hoping that the treatment can be more proactive management rather than the mainly reactive repair that we've had so far.  

So next is starting radiation treatment (once more).  Shana had her simulation and they created the mesh mold for the treatments, so they can get started tomorrow.  We will be in Rochester for at least the next two weeks.  Looking forward to providing more info as we go and learn more.

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