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Site created on March 22, 2011

Welcome to Shaelyn Moyer's CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated on her fight to beat Stage IV Neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed on March 18, 2011, seven weeks after her twin sisters were born and a month before her second birthday. This infamous day has forever changed our lives...

May God Bless all of you who love, care for and pray for our little angel. Your support and our Strong Faith in God WILL undoubtedly get Shaelyn and our entire family through these extremely tough times.

With our brave faces on, the journey begins... This will be a long year and a long road, but soon a distant memory... We are confident God will guide us!

Much Love, Aaron and Lauren Moyer

Newest Update

Journal entry by Aaron Moyer

Hello All,

Last week on September 16th we celebrated Shaelyn's "New Life" birthday. That day marked three whole years since her bone marrow transplant. We are so blessed to be where we are today. Not one day goes by without us Thanking God! We constantly reflect on where we used to be and what it took to get our little angel healthy again. Six rounds of chemo, five surgeries, a three-week-long bone marrow transplant, 12 rounds of radiation and six rounds of immunotherapy... wow! It was by far the hardest and darkest time for Aaron, myself and our family. Even though, it felt never-ending and utterly exhausting a lot of positives came from the journey. Our faith grew tremendously and our family came together as one. We will be forever grateful to Shaelyn's unbelievably talented doctors, surgeons, nurses and social workers. And we will be forever grateful to all of you who supported us emotionally. 

This weekend, Saturday September 27th we will walk for our annual CureSearch event. It means so much to us! It's our one charity that we really push hard to support each year. The immunotherapy portion of Shaelyn's treatment was not even discovered until the end of 2010 and that portion of the treatment increased her chances of the disease not returning by 25%. That's huge, when the chances of her survival used to be only 60%! Continued research funding is crucial… we are by no means "out of the woods" even at this point. 

When we ask Shaelyn's team of doctors how we can help the unfortunate ones following in our footsteps, their immediate answer is CureSearch! We feel like we owe them the world for saving our daughters life, so asking you all to support our cause seems like a pretty simple task. Any little bit helps.

Thank you all for your continued support. We love you!

Lauren & Aaron

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