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Seth's story starts long before this disease, but for the purposes of this page we will start with his 13th Birthday - August 4, 2018.  The weekend was spent at a Christian Music Festival and at Midnight we sang Happy Birthday to him through tent walls since we were still up.  I went in to say hi in person and he was almost asleep already saying he had a headache.  Saturday morning (his Birthday) he woke up to a new day and played and danced and sang with us.  He seemed pretty tired all day, but we didn't think much of it since we were up late and it was a long day in the hot sun.  

On Sunday, Seth began really not feeling well.  The week would progress from there - headaches, nausea, dizziness, tired.  On Wednesday we took him to Urgent Care and then were sent to the ER for some IV fluids since he had gotten dehydrated.  Again on Friday morning.  Then  Friday night he was home with mom and began to have some slurred speech, vacant look in his eyes, and extreme headache.  This time it was an emergency room trip by Ambulance.  

On Friday night we would get news that would start us down a path so unfamiliar to us - our children have always been so healthy.  They had found a mass on Seth's brain.  We were transported to a Children's Hospital by another ambulance ride.  Saturday afternoon would bring Seth's first surgery to relieve hydrocephalus (tumor was stopping fluid from draining).  This gave us a couple of days to discuss what was going on and some of the next steps.  Wednesday would bring another big surgery to remove part of the tumor for biopsy.  

Seth has a brain tumor.  It is interwoven with healthy brain tissue and cannot be surgically removed.  Please pray for Seth and for our entire family.  We are leaning on the God who loves Seth and who loves us!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Michelle Potts

Just wanted to share that I have set up a new blog.  This blog will be a place where you may continue to follow our journey from grief to book.  I will use that site to continue to process the journey of grief we are on, share updates on our family, and begin to write thoughts that will one day become a book.  Here is the site.  Feel free to look, follow and share as you wish.  

Thanks again for all of your support!
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