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Nov 29-Dec 05

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Sara is doing well.  They were able to get three places opened.  Her pressures are still mild and they believe with time and remodeling of her lungs her pressures may improve even more.  The best part is that her heart is back to normal so we don’t have to worry about heart failure right now.  The doctor also said that she should be able to have a baby with no problems.  They said as of right now they couldn’t do any more treatment.  They said she is young and they are developing new treatments all the time so they may have something for her later in life.  She is doing well and is happy.  We also got to meet a couple from our CTEPH Facebook at UCSD which was really nice.  Thank you for all your prayers and support over the years.   It has really helped us.  Sara’s has a lot more adventures and dreams to accomplish and I know she will achieve all of them.

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