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Site created on April 30, 2021

On Thursday, April 29th, my Mom had a stroke from blockage in the left side of her brain.

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Journal entry by Monica Naughton


My Mom is being discharged from the TCU tomorrow at 10am. Unfortunately, the facility did not inform me, nor allow me an opportunity to prepare. The only reason I know is because my Mom told me she signed a paper and they told her she had to leave (in her words). I am very disappointed in the lack of coordination and worried about her having what she needs in place to be safe and successful in her home. However, I will figure it out and make sure she is taken care of. Best believe that I had some very strongly worded conversations with many members of the TCU staff, in addition to the Minnesota Department of Health and the Dakota County Ombudsman.

Thankfully, she is eligible for a program through Allina called ACT (Advanced Care Team), which is comprised of a Nurse Care Coordinator, Care Guide, Pharmacist & Social Worker, all of whom will work in tandem with her Primary MD. She can receive assistance from the team for up to 3 months. She will also receive home health care for 30 days post discharge.

For now, the plan is to bring her home tomorrow, so she can read the mail, water her plants, and plant the plethora of flowers she has purchased (thanks to Kenzie for keeping everything alive). I will accompany her there during the day, but she will be having sleepovers at my house. Until she has systems in place and a safe & reasonable plan of action, I do not feel comfortable leaving her alone at this time. She is strong, stubborn and stoic, but so am I. I will do what is best for her and that includes making decisions that she may not love. When things are organized, we can reevaluate. Until then, she will be fiercely advocated for and I will be sure to have her needs met. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact me. Oh, and thank you to all of you who have made donations to the Go Fund Me campaign and to those of you who have privately contributed to her. It is much appreciated! Thank you!


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