Milton Perko | Dec 31, 2018
Reading your posts help change me. Your testimonies of God’s mighty hand are shaping my view of God in beautiful ways.
Donna | Nov 5, 2018
Stephanie Bailey | Sep 12, 2018
Trish, we are standing with you & your family.
Sharon & Tom Laupp | Sep 12, 2018
Grateful to have shared in Samuel’s journey through this site.
Donna Noble | Dec 29, 2017
Trust in the Lord with your whole heart, your whole mind, and with your whole soul. He will bring you all through this with victory and peace of mind. Praying for you.
no name | Sep 28, 2017
We are praying often for Samuel and his family as well.
Harlan & Madeleine Diller | Sep 26, 2017
Samuel, you are continually in our prayers.
Robert & Mary Richhart | Sep 20, 2017
CaringBridge Supporter | Aug 12, 2017
Hoping and praying that God's richest blessings be with Samuel and your wonderful family.
MIlton Perko and Family | May 29, 2017