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Journal entry by Julie Keyes

Hello Friends!

Ryan just completed his third week of chemo and Shaun and I stayed with him in Indianapolis all week to help him out. Ryan has two more Monday infusions and some additional oral medication to take, but he's mostly done with chemotherapy.  His doctor did some blood work last week and was very encouraged by Ryan's readings. He said that many of the measurements they take were at normal or close to it.  He also altered Ryan's oral meds to a lesser invasive formulation that would reduce the severe side effects. Ryan was happy about that. 

Shaun was busy adjusting doors, insulating windows for winter and other handy projects around Ryan's house. I was able to work the whole week between trips to the treatment center. Ryan slept a great deal, which he should. He's going to Kentucky on Tuesday to be with his dad and Tyler for their annual hunting trip. Ryan won't be bringing his bow, but he is looking forward to spending a lot of time relaxing in nature. It will be a good way for him to start his healing!

His attitude is still strong, even though he's been through so much and he's looking forward to being able to drum again and work too; hopefully by January. 

He will have scans on Monday, November 30th, which will determine if the treatment eradicated the cancer and whether he needs to have additional surgery. We will post an update then, once we know the results. 

We appreciate the prayers from all of you! They have worked! Ryan can still feel the power of those prayers; they keep him going. 

Life has been so strange and difficult for all of us, everywhere! We pray for all of you too, to keep your belief that God is still in charge, even if it appears He's not. It takes faith and trust, but we'll all get on the other side of what's troubling our world with His Grace.  In the meantime, stay safe and live your life.

Love, Julie



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