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Sunday (8/19) Jazzmin brought Ryan to the ER at Mercy Medical for what they believed were kidney stones. They did a CT scan and didn't find stones. They did another and found several masses and admitted him.

Monday (8/20) they did another CT scan and found shadowing on his lungs.

Tuesday (8/21) they conducted a biopsy on the masses in his abdomen. 

Thursday (8/23) We received the biopsy results and discovered the masses were cancerous.

Ryan was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma

Friday (8/24) They did a PET scan on his entire body, an echocardiogram, and received a port in his chest for medication. 

The PET Scan revealed he has stage 4 cancer and that the masses are in 95% of his abdomen, in his lungs, peritoneal sac, and spots on his liver. 

Saturday (8/25) Ryan is starting chemotherapy treatment.

His oncology team decided that he needs to receive 4-5 days of chemotherapy every 3 weeks. 

Please pray that his body responds to the treatment.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Melissa Steenhoek

Ryan came to Rochester last Friday for his final PET scan only to realize he was supposed to Fast and needed to reschedule for the following Monday, Christmas Eve. (Super mad about this--who wants to go the whole weekend with no answers!!)

Ryan came up Monday and I received a call that he couldn't talk to anyone after telling my parents that they found spots that had spread to his lungs and needed him to come back WEDNESDAY to see what was happening and talk about more treatment, if any. Options being stem-cell surgery among a few others. That day is quite hazy.

I sat through my Christmas Eve service at church crying the entire time. My parents said Ryan couldn't talk or eat through all of Christmas dinner for fear he would break-down. It was THE WORST Christmas and too horrible to post about at the time until we had answers. (No need to spread the fears we all were processing through).

Yesterday came with no answers but a Lung Biopsy at Mayo to give us answers NEXT Wednesday. 

TODAY, they called Ryan and said it is NOT cancer, but Sarcoidosis!! It will likely go away in 8 weeks once the inflammation goes down from the chemo treatments and will check it again at that time. 


He is in remission.

We go in to our Irish Twin Birthday's next week (after thinking we wouldn't have answers until after them) and I get to have the confirmation that I will not be the only one left next year at this time...which was my FEAR, not the reality. I'm so happy typing this I'm crying. I can't believe it. I get my brother and that is all the birthday present I needed. 
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