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The week before Christmas, Ron went in for his annual physical exam and came home with a glowing report! But in mid-January, he felt a small lump on his shoulder at the base of the neck. When it was still there a week later, Ron returned to his GP who ordered blood tests and a CT scan. The blood work was all good, but the scan showed a large mass surrounding five arteries. A biopsy identified the mass as B-cell Non-Hodgkin (NHL) lymphoma, and Ron was admitted to the oncology unit at Swedish Hospital that afternoon.  A PET scan detected lymphoma in the glands of the upper chest and in the bone of the sternum. The first round of chemo was administered the following day.

Ron is home now and has taken a leave from his position as Pastoral Coordinator at St. Anne Parish as he and his doctors consider the next steps. His loved ones, family and friends have surrounded him with all their care, support and encouragement. Ron says he is feeling very peaceful, and is deeply aware of God’s presence and love through the many people who are praying for him. Thank you!

We will use this site to share Ron's updates, and you can write messages of encouragement in return. Please feel free to follow the site in order to keep updated and show your support. Every comment and prayer is appreciated!

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Journal entry by Ron Ryan

Dad began radiation therapy last Wednesday, August 20.  He'll receive treatment everyday, Monday through Friday, for a total of 20 treatments.  With 5 down and 15 to go, he says this is much more manageable than chemotherapy.  Each treatment takes only a few minutes (as compared to six hours), and there are no drugs with interesting side effects involved!  He's experiencing some fatigue, but so far nothing that impacts his daily activities.

Before starting radiation, Dad was able to travel to Los Angeles to meet his new grandson, Emerson.  They hit it off really well and had some long, philosophical discussions.  You can see pictures in the gallery.

Dad will finish radiation at the end of September, but his oncologist says no tests or scans will be done until December, allowing the treatment to have its full effect.  As always, your prayers and support make a huge difference, and we are all grateful.
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-The Kinneys | Aug 3, 2018
Dear Ron,
We continue to pray for your strength and hope during treatment, as you now prepare for radiation.  We are sad you have to go through all this.  Congratulations on your new grandbaby!  What a blessing.  We look forward to seeing you at Mass soon and send our love.
Blessings, The Kinney Family
Jordan Casey | Apr 16, 2018
Ron, I am so sorry to hear of your news. I am even more sorry that it has taken me this long to find out. I hope you forgive me for my recent absences and my delayed reaching out.

I will be thinking of you and awaiting updates on your progress. Know that you are loved and supported by so many - I truly can't explain the impact that you've made on me over the last 4+ years. You hold such a special place in my heart and have ever since I joined St. Annes through RCIA.

Praying for you and sending you tons of love.
Steve & Paula Albright/Cipolla | Apr 3, 2018
Hi Ron! Trust you had a joyous Easter! (In case you can't have chocolate, I'm happy to have an extra share for you ;-0 Well, maybe i will anyway! I won't hold it against you for liking milk chocolate more than dark, by the way) Do you have dietary restrictions? Hope you could feast on Easter. Shared time with family??? We were with Nick, Lisa & their gang. Nice to be included as part of their extended family. (They're always so generous). Best to you
Rozella &Bob Van Meter | Mar 29, 2018
Bob & I saw the new movie,  Paul, Apostle of Christ, this week at the AMC theater downtown. We recommend it. Tells St. Paul's story from St. Luke's POV, during Paul's imprisonment in Rome and the struggles of the early Christians. Excellent quality filming & acting. Well told. Perhaps you'll feel like going to it soon. The Holy Season is upon us. We wish you well.
kathy kirschner | Mar 28, 2018

Hi Ron,
Well, if it would make you feel any better about your hair, I can recall losing all of mine due to chemo, and I looked exactly like Jesse Ventura.  Every time I answered the door and saw my reflection off my storm door, I would remark to whomever was there that I was his "doppleganger".  It was scary! 
Hope that made you laugh?

Anyway, you are in my prayers.  Stay strong!

Peggy & Eric Orse | Mar 28, 2018
Dear Ron,

The Letter you wrote that Father shared at Mass took us all by shock.  The silence and quiet that followed was testament of the love your congregation has for you!  You could feel the prayers being sent your way. We weren't sure of the best way to reach out to you, and then Amy passed this our way.

Know that you are in our prayers.  Please open yourself to letting others help you, as you've always been the caretaker, now it's our turn!!!  I'd bring you some cookies, but thinking that's probably not what the doctor would be ordering!  Please if we can do anything let us know!  I appreciate getting to follow you via caring bridge, but look forward to seeing you in person someday soon!

All the best,

Peggy & Eric Orse