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The week before Christmas, Ron went in for his annual physical exam and came home with a glowing report! But in mid-January, he felt a small lump on his shoulder at the base of the neck. When it was still there a week later, Ron returned to his GP who ordered blood tests and a CT scan. The blood work was all good, but the scan showed a large mass surrounding five arteries. A biopsy identified the mass as B-cell Non-Hodgkin (NHL) lymphoma, and Ron was admitted to the oncology unit at Swedish Hospital that afternoon.  A PET scan detected lymphoma in the glands of the upper chest and in the bone of the sternum. The first round of chemo was administered the following day.

Ron is home now and has taken a leave from his position as Pastoral Coordinator at St. Anne Parish as he and his doctors consider the next steps. His loved ones, family and friends have surrounded him with all their care, support and encouragement. Ron says he is feeling very peaceful, and is deeply aware of God’s presence and love through the many people who are praying for him. Thank you!

We will use this site to share Ron's updates, and you can write messages of encouragement in return. Please feel free to follow the site in order to keep updated and show your support. Every comment and prayer is appreciated!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Ron Ryan

Yesterday (Thursday, March 15), Ron had round two of his chemotherapy.  This was out-patient , and used the port that had been placed earlier in the week.  Round two went much better than round one!  There was no reaction to the Rituxan, and so the infusion was able to go much more quickly.  He was home by early afternoon.

Round 3 of chemo is scheduled for April 5.

Earlier in the week Ron's grandsons came up from Oregon for a visit (they brought their mom and dad along.)  Ronan and Torin did a wonderful job of entertaining their Papa for a couple of days and gave him some great advice about having fun and not getting bored.  There's a picture of Ronan, Torin and Papa posted.

Again, Dad asked to say thank you to everyone for their prayers and notes.  While he's not able to respond to everyone, he wants you to know that he is so grateful for your love and support.
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Andrea Connell | Mar 17, 2018

Hi Ron, I was curious why I didn’t see you at mass last week and then shocked and sadden when I found out your news. You are always the first person I look for to greet when I walk into mass, usually a little late😊. Your presence is missed greatly. Mara came home to visit this weekend so I have told all the girls and our family is praying and keeping you in our thoughts. I am happy to hear your family is surrounding you with their love and support. Enjoy them! Much love and prayers, Andrea, Michael, Mara, Alex and Kate

Steve & Paula Albright/Cipolla | Mar 17, 2018

I look around me seeing so many crumbs! Some I behold are laden with sadness, some with anxiety, some of indecision and uncertainty, even a few of fear, but the majority are overflowing with gladness and gratitude. I follow those. Everywhere I look I recognize and acknowledge those joys in my life. I have a difficult time counting them as they’re as vast and numerous as the evening stars. Crumbs of past and future. The God of All has laid out the crumbs. I decide which ones I follow. 

Monica Bradley | Mar 17, 2018
Grateful to hear that the infusion went well.   And that you had that time with the boys.   We keep on praying and scurrying (especially parish staff) to keep up on ALL the little things you've routinely tended to.  It's a learning experience! Mush love and prayers.  Monica
Steve & Paula Albright/Cipolla | Mar 13, 2018
Hey Ron! glad you've been up & about, and, not too shabby that the weather was also so splendid. What are you doing to pass the time? Isn't it odd that we routinely think we don't have enough time when, at some junctures, it can seem like that's all you have, then you start considering 'what should I do with all this time on my hands?'
Wishes that you continue to feel good.
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David Marriott | Mar 12, 2018
Ron - Helen and I were so sorry to hear of your battle with NHL.  I've done quite a bit of work with biotech companies...many trying to develop drugs specifically for NHL.  It's a tough demon!! As you know, you have a great number of people in whose thoughts and prayers you reside....including ours.  We're wishing and praying for the most positive outcome of your treatment and know that you are facing this battle with great faith and strength.  God Bless!  Wishing you all the best.  
Judy Casey | Mar 11, 2018
The Lord gives us sunshine to lift our heavy spirits of a long winter.  
Nine days until beautiful Spring.
I can almost feel the beat of many hearts in our community praying for you Ron.
You, who lifted up many of us in rough times, are our messenger of good.
The good of our God will hold you every moment as your doctors help you heal.
All your beautiful daughters will teach you much about love as you did for them as little girls. XO
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