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Journal entry by Sonya Moses

This is just an introduction to my parents who met and married in 1965(?). So, they've been together for a good long while. Dad has his own health issues his most pressing currently is his high blood pressure which can and does obviously effects his heart.
Mom...she has several.For those,of you who know & others who do not...she had brrn in a very bad accident in 1985 putting her in a coma for a couple of months., she came out yet had to go to rehab to learn to walk once again. After getting ALL OF THAT ACCOMPLISHED, she still had/has some reoccurring health problems. The most recent over the past couple of years is that it had been discovered that she had/HAS holes on both sides of he heart!!!!! 
To see & to know that your mother who had always been just strong as an ox is just.....well........not. Deflating.
I simply want others to be aware of both of my parents and their personal accomplishments. My Dad and his UNWAVERING DEDICATION TO HIS FAMILY! REGARDLESS of how miserable we might cause him to be. Also his dedication to work. Non wavering there also. One can say that my Mom,is just as guilty, of,everything that my Dad has done.
I think, I feel and I BELIEVE that everyone should make them feel good about themselves prior to death if possible.
Thank you §~~ Sonya Ladell
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