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Site created on March 1, 2019

On February 14th we learned that our Dad has stage 4 high grade neuroendocrine cancer. We don't know where it originated from and we have heard only about 50 people a year get this type of cancer. It's very rare and really bad. The doctor thinks they found it early but that even after just two months it has spread to his liver, lungs, lymph nodes, eroded his pelvic bone and now it is approaching his spine. He is receiving radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. This is palliative treatment and the doctors estimate he could live 12 months. It's really hard to type that. But who knows?!? 

He is a believer that anything can happen, that he has been healed since his buddies prayed over him and that he is not ready to go. He is a scrappy fighter. His approach is "hit it from every angle," medically and spiritually. After our recent ER visit, he purchased Georgia Tech football tickets from his hospital bed and has been collecting payment from his friends

Newest Update

Journal entry by Megan Rhinehart

Today he is having a chemo infusion. He was UP yesterday and is tolerating it well but today he is tired and weak. Tomorrow he will have another chemo infusion. The last round was REALLY rough on him. This time we think we know better what to expect and we will be topping chemo off with a blood infusion to hopefully keep him moving. Prayer request is for his strength, no infections and recovery.

Below is an old draft I meant to post on March 6th:
Update from Emergency Room: Radiation v. Pacemaker
Today is the 6th day of treatment. It's the beginning of the "nadir" period which means low. It has certainly lived up to its name so far. We are in the Emergency Room fighting an infection and dehydration. We are not sure if his pacemaker can endure radiation.
Update: IT CAN 🙌
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