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Journal entry by Veronica Bruggeman

Hi everyone, 

Mom is still in the hospital. Hopefully she can come home sometime this weekend. 
After her hemoglobin went up, they ran more tests. Her thyroid level was extremely high which explained some of the other symptoms she was having, the anxiety, nervousness, too fast heartbeat, inability to sit still and twitching. 
They consulted the endocrinologist and started her on some new medications. A steroid for thyroid function, a beta blocker to help decrease her heart rate and help with conversion of her thyroid hormones, and another drug that I can't remember the name of. 
I checked her labs this morning and things are improved. 
But because of the steroid, her blood sugars have become elevated- a common side effect. So they're keeping an eye on those too. 
But, the small silver lining in all of this is that her endocrinologist words closely with her oncologist. The problems she's having with her thyroid are a common side effect of her immunotherapy. And *often* with this type of reaction, it means that she's responding well to the treatment. We can't know for sure if that's the case until she gets more scans. 
But, it's cause for cautious optimism. 
She really wants to come home, preferably three days ago instead of today. So keep hoping she can come home soon. 
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