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Site created on August 30, 2019

In 2017, Ray was diagnosed with Small Cell Lymphoma, a cancer that required monitoring but did not require active treatment. In May 2019, this cancer morphed into Large Cell Lymphoma which required immediate chemo treatment to try to control it. After a run of these treatments in Staples over the summer, and a couple of subsequent weeks of testing at the U of M, it has been determined that this aggressive cancer is requiring a new set of chemo treatments moving forward. The overall goal is remission so he can be a candidate for stem cell replacement. We’d love your continued support as we navigate these tough waters ahead. God bless you all!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Melissa Albers

From Ray (with a tiny bit added by Melissa) 😊

The good Lord gave me one more hill to climb... prostate cancer! Just had surgery, I got a good report from my doctor and I'm feeling quite well. No major nerve damage and we got it early. NO CANCER FOUND AND NO RADIATION NEEDED!  Healthy and happy!

Hoping to take a break from cancer now and concentrate on important stuff like fishing and enjoying family and friends and an occasional job shoveling snow. 

Thanks to all for your prayers and support!!!!🤗
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