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Site created on June 14, 2020

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. On the afternoon of Friday, June 12, Rayce was involved in a serious lawn mower accident. He was airlifted to CMC Levine Children's Hospital from the Hickory airport, and shortly underwent surgery. Rayce's entire family has been involved in supporting both him and his mom Brittany during this difficult time. Rayce's left leg sustained significant damage to the calf, back of heel and pad of foot, removing skin, partially severing his Achilles's tendon, and splitting his left heel bone. However, other important areas such as muscle and blood vessels were unaffected. He has had two surgeries as of Sunday 6/14/20 to clean and the wounds, to attempt to align the bone without screws, to reconnect the tendon, and to stitch remaining skin together. Future surgeries will include more cleaning and skin grafts. Rayce will likely be in a splint/cast for a few months atleast. His biggest risks at this moment are infection to the wounds, as well as the risk of the skin not healing properly or dying around his heel and pad of his foot. He is in capable hands and we are hopeful he will make a full recovery in the future. We are asking for support during this time, and to respect the family's wishes of not inquiring too much about the situation at hand as it is still very raw for Brittany and the extended family. Please pray for the physical and mental health of Rayce, and of the family members supporting him during this time. He has always been our tough little fighter, and we have no doubts that he will make it through this.

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Journal entry by Brittany Correa

Hello everyone, just wanted to do a quick update after today! Surgery was long (5 hours) but ultimately successful. Rayce is now in an interesting X sort of splint with external binders going through his tibias to hold his legs on place. Both the cross leg flap and the free skin grafts were accomplished, and we are hoping all the grafts take without issue over the coming weeks. We will be in the hospital another week, and then we will get to return home for two weeks (with two clinic visits to change bandages in between), and then we will return for another surgery to sever the flap and complete the graft to his ankle area. Rayce has been a trooper, while he is not thrilled about having his legs being together, we are making sure to reward him with lots of treats, hugs and kisses. I am grateful for the extensive team of surgeons it took to complete this procedure today, and also for such a tough little boy. On Saturday he will be sedated again to do a cleaning and bandage change, they said the first time is the toughest so they want to spare him from that and just do a quick sedated procedure. If all goes well, we should be home Monday, and the seperatation surgery will be three weeks from today. We will be staying with my parents until Oskar gets home, so if anyone needs that address just let me know. Thanks for all of your messages of support and kindness during this time, it is very much appreciated 💗
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