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Journal entry by Chrissie Reynolds

Fourth treatment today, happy Valentine’s Day to us. My tribute is that one of the meds makes you pee pink, but only once. 

Halfway through with treatments and minimal side effects, if you look past that hair thing. I’ve heard from quite a few people that I have a nice looking head, never thought about that. And just am tired all the time and neuropathy in 6 of my most important fingers, they reduced a med to help with that. 

Somehow my essential tremor has really gotten bad. Hands shake so much that I can’t hold a drink without spilling some. Going to revisit neurologist next month.

Got a new attachment on my belly today. Instead of going back on Monday for a horribly expensive shot, this is a time delayed shot. They put it on and 3 minutes later it punctured my belly and left a catheter inside me. Made a noise so loud the nurses 30 feet away looked over. Very odd and more painful than a shot. It will release meds 24 hours from now then I can peel it off. Even has blinking lights so you know it’s still in business or something went wrong. 

Apprehensively awaiting any cumulative side effects this cycle.
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