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Site created on June 9, 2019

During the evening of Tuesday, June 4, Randy was in a boating accident in Brushy Branch. Randy was immediately air-lifted to Erlanger hospital due to the seriousness of his injuries. His diaphragm ruptured, causing internal abdominal organs to enter his chest cavity. He had a collapsed lung that filled with blood. His spleen ruptured. He has broken ribs 3-12 on his left side, which also includes flailed segments. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jessica Beam

The surgery Dad had is officially called "anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion" or ACDFI wasn't aware of this until yesterday. If you google "ACDF", you'll find plenty of information and even videos of similar surgeries! It's pretty neat. 

Dad's pain increased over night, but is still being managed well. His incision is on his right side of his throat. During surgery, Dad's esophagus and windpipe were moved to the side so that his vertebrae and spinal cord were accessible. This movement is what is causing Dad's throat to be sore. 

Due to a vocal patient nearby, Mom and Dad didn't rest well last night. This morning, Dad was determined that he was going home to rest in his own bed. The neurosurgeon who rounded this morning was very pleased with how Dad is doing and agreed to let Dad discharge! 

Mom and Dad left Redmond around 11:00am, and he's now at home with a Dole Whip in hand and a puppy in his lap.
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