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Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.  Please note that this is being written on PJ's behalf, with his permission,  because he wants to keep people updated, but doesn't want to write the story portion.

PJ was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in the fall of 2010, after having gastric bypass surgery in August of 2010, to remove a large mass in his stomach.  Since then, PJ has had multiple complications, including liver issues and biliary constriction, which have caused infections, and internal abscesses.  In October of last year, we were told that PJ needed to be seen at the Mayo Clinic, because they are the top research facility for Crohn's patients who's disease is not controlled well.

In January of this year PJ began his first visit to the Mayo Clinic, which lasted three weeks!  After many tests, MRI's, x-rays, ultrasounds and procedures, the doctors here have assured us that they will be able to help PJ to get the Crohn's under control, and start the healing process.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Susan Wade

PJ has been discharged from the hospital, with not so much as one antibiotic infusion, and no diagnosis of pneumonia.  If anyone can explain doctors to me, I'd appreciate it!  The doctor that saw PJ in clinic on Friday was a substitute clinical nephrologist, because the transplant nephrologists were in surgery, and the regular clinical nephrologists were on hospital rounds.  The new doctor got all excited because PJ’s liver enzymes were high, and she thought that she heard some sounds in PJ’s lower left lobe of his lungs.

After speaking with the head of the transplant nephrology team, the new doctor called PJ’s multivisceral transplant surgeon, who told her that PJ’s numbers were fine, and basically said that “that was PJ.”  Still concerned that PJ didn’t look like he was feeling well (has anyone ever seen PJ look like he was feeling well when forced to get up at 6:30am?), the doctor ordered a chest x-ray, and sent us home.  We got a call back late Friday afternoon, saying that PJ had pneumonia, so we should come back to the hospital, when they could find a bed for him.  When we got settled at the hospital, a resident came to see PJ, told him that the chest x-ray looked ok to her, and that he would just be observed overnight.  When PJ finally got to see the transplant nephrologist yesterday afternoon, we were told that PJ did not have pneumonia, and that he could be discharged.

My personal opinion is that new doctors are simply overwhelmed by the PJness of PJ.

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