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Site created on October 21, 2018

Please help me in supporting & praying for Paul as he tackles the fight of his life. He was diagnosed with oral cancer and is currently undergoing daily radiation treatments and chemotherapy. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Joanne Vanderbloom

 It has been a while since I posted an update and many things have happened since the last update. Here is a brief recap of Paul and his ups and downs over the last couple weeks: 

As you know, Paul has completely finished all radiation treatments and chemotherapy sessions, however he continues to struggle with severe nausea and vomiting, extensive mucus buildup and lack of energy. I understand that with this type of cancer , these setbacks that Paul is experiencing are very common problems and will eventually go away at some point. During the last week of radiation, Paul’s skin around his neck and throat begin to develop open sores and skin ulcers, which blew up into an ugly and very painful rash all across his upper chest, collarbone, his throat and on the back of his head  This rash lasted about 10 days. They were worrisome to me because they just looked terrible. However, with a brilliant medical guidance that we have had and the medication that was prescribed, these ulcers are now gone and his skin is looking fantastic. 

We continue to go to Fort Collins on a daily basis as Paul is still needing hydration and magnesium infusions to maintain his electrolytes and magnesium levels  His magnesium dropped to a very critically low level and it’s taking quite a bit of time to get back to normal levels. We are now down to traveling to Colorado three days a week and hopefully December 31 will be our last time that we have to go down for fluids and Magnesium infusions.  Paul still continues to struggle with his g-tube formula feedings as he still is not eating any solid food yet. I believe that after experimenting with his formula for the last three weeks that we have come up with the best solution and that is mixing two different formulas together. One was too rich the other not rich enough, so mixing the two seems good so far! He is beginning to take on clear fluids such as lemonade, water, Gatorade, broth, and hot tea with honey and lemon juice . He even takes very small bites of cookies, fruit, cereal and eggs here and there. But what he does eat, the amount is very, very minimal. He does say that he can taste what he is drinking and eating, which is fantastic because in some people, the tastebuds never come back. So Paul being able to taste already so soon, is remarkable. 

It seems he has one good day and then two bad days, one good day then two bad days so we’re hoping to change this pattern around very soon.

Last week he had a three month follow-up with the ENT specialist and had a nose and throat scope done. The doctor said that he could find “no trace of the malignant  tumor on the back of his tongue nat that time, but it looked as though an atomic radiation bomb went off in his throat, Which is causing the majority of. his pain right now. This was fantastic news from the ENT Specialist!  Hearing the words “I see no trace of the malignant tongue tumor” was my sooooo awesome. The doctor did say that all but 1 of his lymph nodes were back to normal size, but 1 node was stilll slightly enlsrged which he believed could be just scar tissue. We left the ENT Doctors office with very good news and we felt good! We are seeing doctors at the cancer clinic once a week which will go down to two times a month in January. In February, Paul”s scheduled for another PETscan which will then determine if his cancer has gone into remission, has reappeared or has metastasized. This is a very anxious time for us. Right now, so we still need and appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Paul and I hope that you and your family had a wonderful, happy and blessed Christmas and look forward to a healthy, wealthy and happy Nee Year! God Bless You, everyone!

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