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Site created on December 4, 2019

On December 3rd my son and I were on our way home when he had a sudden pain in his neck.  Thought a possible pulled muscle at first,  gave him some Advil immediately. When we got home I tried applying some arthritis medicine on it and that did not help. We immediately took off for the nearest hospital. They got him in right away by the time we arrived his body was numb and tingly. They treated him as a possible stroke victim giving him TPA a very strong blood clot buster. Which is known for causing bleeding.  They transferred him to a bigger better equipped hospital for an MRI. They started him on a blood thickener to reverse the thinner.  Before the radiologist even got the full read they had a neurosurgeon contacted and a plan of action in place because he was bleeding by the spine on the right side of his neck. He is currently in surgery to decompress his spine and suck the blood out and fix the cause of the bleed. Please keep him in your prayers. Soon as I know more I will post another update.

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Journal entry by Crystal VanHorn

Sorry I haven't updated on here recently. We were moved down to the 3rd floor a couple days ago. He has been working on therapy. Took a break today from therapy and instead took a shower. Hes been having a lot of pain from that but over all is in good spirits. He was able to eat a little today thanks to my mom for bringing him some chicken from KFC.  Right now hes watching some UFC and on his phone. So he's making some improvements and was even yelling at the tv about the dude throwing some cheap shots.
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