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After dropping Braxton off at daycare on Monday morning, September 17, P.J.was in a car accident at the intersection of Hwy. 12 & 250th St. She was taken by ambulance to Regions Hospital.  Preliminary findings were a shattered right heel, 2 broken wrists, and 2 fractures in her back, T12, and L2 respectively.

She had a surgery to repair some of the damage in her heel, and another surgery will take place after the swelling subsides.  

Tuesday, September 18:  After reading the MRI and CT scan, it was determined a back brace will be the plan.  Surgery is still possible, but the least invasive treatment will be tried first.

We are still waiting to hear about the plan for the wrists.  It doesn't seem accurate to call those injuries "least severe" since she is unable to feed herself or hold her sweet baby.

Thank you for holding her in your thoughts and prayers.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by PJ Stark-Ramberg

I kept telling myself I needed to update my Caring Bridge and I kept forgetting.  I was doing good at updating my Facebook and Instagram, but never on here.  

Since Halloween I've had 3 appointments for my foot, 2 for my back and 1 for my hands. My hands were a tad behind when I met with my doctor. Since then, I've been working harder on my stretches and my strengthening exercises. They are slowly but surely getting there.  My left hand seems to be doing a lot better than my right.  But still can't bear that much weight on them yet.  I can pull myself up well verses pushing myself up.I'm not supposed to be using more than 5 pounds but I have been able to pick up Braxton and it doesn't hurt. :) 

My foot is doing "AMAZING" my doctor says. Its healing well.  My appointment that was two weeks ago compared to my appointment today 11/23 the swelling has gone down about 75%. It is healing really well. I am not supposed to put any weight on my foot for another 6 weeks but my doctor said today that when I go back in 4 weeks she may let m e start walking. :)  FINGERS CROSSED!  

I was having quite a bit of pain in my back, I was sent to Hudson to get X-rays done to see if something changed.  Luckily everything is good.  I had my fallow up appointment this week 11/21 and the doctor said the fracture is stable but my muscles and ligaments have stretched so much it will take a long time for them to heal. I go back in 4 weeks and will get more X-rays.  He said I should be able to take the shell off and leave it off.  FINGERS CROSSED! :)  

I would say this was another good week of appointments. 

Another up, I got to go home! :)  The family and i have been adjusting. It hasn't been easy, but we are making it work.  Braxton is getting used to mom being home and around more.  I think he is slowly getting the concept and warming up to mom.   

Continued healing prayers are needed please.  :)

Upcoming appointments:

December 19:
December 21:
December 26:

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