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Journal entry by Robert Deavers

On Monday, we got one of the phone calls you never want to receive as a parent.  Owen was fantastic and was able to have his CT Scan without anesthesia at around 9:30am at Fauquier Hospital.  

Liz's Facebook post after CT Scan - Owen did a FANTASTIC job this morning at the hospital for his head CT! The pediatrician had him scheduled to be sedated, but the anesthesiologist encouraged Owen to do it without. He held SUPER still and held my hand while I counted to 20. I bribed him with pancakes, which he downed like a champ. I’m so glad he’s feeling better. Hopefully, his CT comes back normal - crossing fingers and saying prayers!

At 1:30 pm, we got a call from Dr. Jakum (our pediatrician) telling us that there was something present on the CT scan.  He gave us one of two opinions.  Would we like to head south to UVA hospital or east to Fairfax hospital? We responded by asking him, “Where would you send your child?”, his response was UVA.  Dr. Jakum called Dr. Jane Jr. to get the ball rolling.  Dr. Jane’s office called us around 4:30pm on Monday asking us to come to UVA hospital as soon as possible entering the emergency room.  We arrived at UVA at 8:00pm.  We were in the ER until 2:00am Tuesday morning before we were moved to a room.  We were told we would need to meet with three different specialists (neurologist, ophthalmologist, and endocrinologist) and Owen would need an MRI.

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