Michael’s Story

Site created on February 9, 2021

Michael was heading eastbound on I-80 during the snow storm on the late morning of Thursday Feb 4th 2021. About 2 miles outside of Newton there was an accident in the east bound lanes with State Patrol officers on scene. Traffic was at a stand still Michael was able to get stopped and was sitting on the highway behind a semi waiting for traffic to clear. As another semi came upon the scene the driver was unable to stop. Michael became sandwiched between the semi’s. When the call for help went out it was reported that the accident was a fatality. EMT's worked frantically to get to him, when they found that against all odds he had a pulse and was still breathing they worked even harder to get to him out. In the middle of a blizzard with wind chills below zero they worked for an hour to first stabilize then use the jaws of life to cut him out. By this time his body temperature was very cold. Once he was in the ambulance they worked to raise his temperature. He arrived to the hospital almost two hours later. Where they assessed him head to pelvis and found his worst injury to be a large laceration on his head above his right eye and ear. He also had a small brain bleed that would need to be monitored. By this point his family who could not reach him knew some thing was wrong. His work phone went straight to voicemail and his personal phone rang with no answer. As they came together to try to locate him the phone rang and we finally knew where he was. As his family in that moment we had no idea just how lucky he had been that day on the highway. It was not until the next day when we saw what was left of the car that we realized he had been granted a miracle. Actually all of us had, how else can you explain what was before our eyes. An entire full size SVU crushed except for a small space barley big enough for a man. Michael had guardian angles surrounding him that day. God has a plan for Our Miracle Man we just have to wait and see what that plan is. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Dani Fridley

First and foremost I want to apologize for not posting in a long time, it has been very busy since Michael got home. Secondly thank you to everyone that has stopped by, called, sent cards, and those of you that have helped provide meals and help transport the girls. We cannot express our gratitude enough. Thirdly and finally Michael, so since my last post March 10th the knee surgeon has discontinued the knee splint and ace bandage, which did worry both of us at first because neither of us had confidence that it wouldn’t get hit by something. There have been close calls, but thankfully diverted. His whole right leg is still swollen from above the knee down to his toes. We have been told due to the leg trauma the swelling will take a while to go down and may never be completely gone. He has started Occupational Therapy for his hand and Physical Therapy for his knee. He is doing great at both and loves getting out of the house daily. His voice is still weak and sounds like he is straining to talk. He also sounds like he has a lisp when he is worn out, which once again we have been told may be his new normal. Michael has had several procedures to have larger glass fragments removed from his arm. The hand surgeon is happy with the the results from Occupational Therapy and has told Michael he no longer needs a platform walker, so he is able to hobble around with the regular walker. These are little steps on his journey up the mountain and we will be thankful when he reaches the top. He has such a positive attitude he will get there one day. Now on to me, I have had several people tell me that I am a strong woman and loving wife to stay by Michael’s side during this because some wives wouldn’t stay. I just can’t imagine leaving my husband because he is broken. This recovery is not easy, but no where did God say life would be easy. My old boss posted a quote on fb that is spot on...Make sure the girl sitting passenger side in your car is the same girl who’d be sitting with you at the bus stop if life turned out differently. Right now we are at the bus stop and Michael thanks me every day for being there with him. 
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