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Site created on October 1, 2018

ROSEMARY GAINES MAROO MARINE IS WITHOUT A DOUBT, A STAR.................  For the truth is, that anybody lucky enough to know this soprano will certainly  agree that she the very definition of class. The embodiment of strength and an inspiration to all of mankind. Born december the 13th 1935,( although i still wonder if the year wasn't some type of typo on her birth certificate because there is no way in hell she is almost 83........)  This fiery redheaded italian from jersey city nj, has made it her life's  mission  to make  the world a better place.  From the start, rosie was  a star. From her time on broadway, to her role as a loving mother, devoted wife, registered nurse, and her  most recent  role as the vocalist for the duo black white and rose, it is obvious that rosemary was blessed with  the heart of a lioness, spirit of an  angel and voice of a timeless  icon whose melodic depths and unparalleled   dynamics  remind you of the miracles of  music and its ability to move us like nothing else in the world. I, like any of you reading this, have for whatever the reason   been chosen to have  had this angelic soul placed in my path. And  words cannot express what her very  presence has done for me. She has restored my faith. Strengthened my spirit and brought out the best in me. So now, in her moment of need, and after a lifetime of selflessness, we have all been given an opportunity  to show  her just how much she is loved and just how many people truly care. So to all of her enduring fans, get to writing her a message already.... Lol... And  your prayers will certainly not hurt..... To Rosie......

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