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Site created on July 29, 2018

It was just 2 short weeks after my 22nd birthday when I felt a hard, unusual lump no larger than a small bb. I immediately trusted my instincts and went to get checked out by a local urologist. One ultrasound later I found my suspicions to be true being told I had Testicular cancer. I quickly had an abdominal surgery to remove the growing tumor, however more treatment at Indiana Universitys cancer clinic will be necessary. Your life can change in an instant, and I am fortunate to be able to see the world in a way many will not get the chance to. However cancer also comes with pain and struggle. I created this page so I can update everyone all at once, instead of only being able to respond to some messages and to raise awareness to a cancer not often discussed. I am so incredibly grateful for the kindness and support you all have already shown me. My name is Nick Wintersteiger, and I'm beating cancer one day at a time.

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Journal entry by Nicholas Wintersteiger

Hey everyone, My 5 month blood work with abdominal/pelvic and chest CT were clear with no signs of metastatic disease! Still a long way to go with pathology having been a stage 1b mixed germ cell tumor mostly consisting of embryonal carcinoma, but this scan was huge! The road to only 1% chance reoccurrence continues :)
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