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Site created on August 15, 2017

Our 15-year-old daughter Molly experienced an inexplicable stoke affecting right side hemiparesis on 8/12/2017. As best as we can determine, Molly must have experienced some sort of trauma to her left main carotid artery a month earlier while boating with friends. The trauma caused a dissection or tear in the inner wall lining of the MCA which narrowed the vein and allowed blood clots to form behind the flap. There was no discernable warning. On the morning of 8/12/2017, Molly went horseback riding like she did every Saturday and then to a back-to-school pool party. At about 3:15pm, she jumped into the pool. Her head hit nothing other than water but must have been enough to dislodge the clots which then traveled to the brain. Molly was able to get out of the pool on her own but then collapsed walking to the chairs.

We may never know why this happened to Molly. We can only move forward and try to recover as much functioning as we can. We are grateful to the Lord that she survived and He has returned to us our sweet Molly girl. We’ve come a long way and God willing will have much more recovery ahead.

Please follow our journey and pray for God’s healing to connect new pathways to restore motor function. We also encourage you to reach out if you have had similar experiences. Each child stroke is unique and each recovery process is different. It is a journey into the unknown trusting that God has a plan for Molly's future.

Thank you for your support and encouragement...Love, Jill, Tim, Molly & James McSorley

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jill McSorley

Happy #13 on May 13th #Cincinnati Childrens. Molly’s trachea was clear and we are discharged after 18-mos. and 13 MLB’s. In fact, Molly’s air pathway actually expanded over the last 6 months. We are so grateful for the wonderful care and expert skills of Dr. Michael Rutter.  

We celebrated the weekend in Indianapolis with friends and also made a quick run through Tim’s Miami of Ohio in Oxford.  Leaving Cincy was a bit emotional.  Its been a safe place for us for so long.  Thank you CCHMC, Dr. Rutter and Cincinnati, we are ever so thankful and will miss our visits.


Our work continues in Dallas.  Molly has graduated out of her DayNeuro, but the therapy continues.  Molly needs to build stamina and hip strength on her walking.  She is constantly getting blisters on her AFO when she does walking of any significant distance.  To help control the inward rotation we are encouraging her to walk like a Duck.  Quack, Quack.


On her arm, we are continuing our visits to Neurological Recovery in FTW.  The drive is a beating but so worth it.  The staff is so innovative and energetic.  Constantly trying to incorporate all she can of her arm to facilitate acts of daily living.  We may also try constraint therapy this summer.  To be effective you have to restrain the good arm for 2-6 hours a day.  Brutal.  


We are so happy for the progress of recovery of her trachea.  It will allow us to focus on other recoveries.  Best Mothers Day present ever!!


Thank you all for your prayers.  God Bless!!


Jill & Tim
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