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Journal entry by Kelly Gorczyca

Hello fellow social distancers!!  Welcome to the world of lock down 😀  Can you believe its been 6 mos since Molly's bone marrow transplant!  All is going well, Molly was down at CHOP on friday to get a Covid19 screening test done and an EKG.  The Covid19 screen is so we can go down on Monday and get her 6mos bone marrow test done, which requires sedation and the EKG is a screening to make sure the meds she is taking aren't having any adverse effects on her heart.
All Molly's numbers have been doing well, we are not in the norm range but that may be a combination of still being on a low dose chemo or just a matter of more time.  A question on my list for Monday!  We have a meeting with the Oncology team as we have been officially transferred off the transplant team.  Thats a good thing 😎 
Molly looks amazing and has been training to see if she can get on the field for some play time this fall. it is a slow process, she had lost quite a bit of muscle mass along with having to regain cardio conditioning.  We put together a gym in the basement with the equipment from my office.  It has been nice to have it during this time, not just for Molly but for myself and Tyler too! 

Tyler had knee surgery March 9th which we got in the day before things went into lock down, very lucky!  Six weeks of non weightbearing was definitively easier to manage being home.   We have been able to use this time to rehab  which is important since in the fall.....(horns sounding.. dot di di da) Breaking news...Tyler has decided to join Molly and his two cousins, Emma and Cullen at Rowan University.  We are all delighted! Tyler will be throwing the Javelin at Rowan and is very excited. Rowan has a very strong track program that has produced multiple All-American javelin throwers.    I know, I know...what happened to soccer you ask?  I suppose two knee injuries, one surgery, a dislocated shoulder and multiple ankle injuries has taken its toll lending to him deciding on a sport with less contact 😀   Something about wanting to still walk when he gets old-er. 😎   

It's funny,  I think about the corona virus timing and how it fell when it did.  I can't lie,  it has been good for my family.   At first I don't think we could see how it would be good for us because it was hard to be on lock down.... again.   Now, we have the time to eat dinner together nightly,  enjoy family game nights  and just having time to reconnect. I know if we weren't on lock down we would have all been off running in different directions with work, school and sports and after a year like we had, quiet time together has been a gift.  Not to mention it has made things a little easier for Molly now that we, well, the entire world, are all on lock down together (but separately 😷)  and not just her.   

Tomorrow is our trip to Chop...wish us luck!  We will let you know the results when we get them. 

LPP my friends...especially during this time!

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