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Journal entry by Amy Strawn

So its been a week since my dad has died. It’s honestly so weird . . . half of me knows he is dead the other half is like when is going to call or show up. I am sure that feeling will go away. For me there is a lot of sadness. It just sucks because we still had a lot to do together! A lot more bad jokes to hear. A lot more cool places to go to see Bethany compete. I still don’t get why my dad had to die in a way that was so fast and so bad. 😢 One thing I did find out is that was my dad was very loved by A LOT of people. That’s something he knew too because we talked about it and I think the drive by showed that. 

In the move i can only imagine when Bart is singing I can only imagine. He gets towards the end of the song and the camera pans and the auditorium is clear. Bart opens his eyes and he see his dad who passed from pancreatic cancer. It shows his dad happy and healed. That is what I hope my dad that looks like that now happy and healed. 😢

- Amy

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