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Welcome to this CaringBridge site, it was  created it to keep friends and family updated. i  appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.   Thank you to everyone who reads my journal updates and sends encouraging words and prayers, I know I would not have made it this long without each and everyone of you.   Please share any advice you have with me, I would really appreciate it.  God bless everyone who has touched my life, and there are many!

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Journal entry by Michele Grandner

Greetings to all.
I am sorry I haven't updated sooner but a lot has been going on.  I was hoping for a quiet June, but that didn't happen.  
After my 10th UTI in three months, I was sent to see a Urologist.  He put me a maintenance antibiotic until he can do a bladder scope.  This is schedule for the first week in August.  I will be fully awake during the process which to me sounds scary.  If this will identify the issue and prevent these painful recurrent UTI's I will be happy.
My numbers are bad, really bad.  I had to get 2 injections that are suppose to boost my white count.  I also had a blood transfusion, only 1 unit but that took 4 hours.  A week after the blood transfusion, my numbers were still bad so I had 1 unit of iron.  While the numbers are not any better, the are not continuing to fall.  I have labs and chemo the first week of August.  Let's hope those numbers are better.
I saw my palliative doctor and was prescribed oxy and hydromorphone for the pain in my lower back until I can get another spinal injection, which insurance is dictating how often I can get those injections.  I had the injections this morning and right now I am just tired.  It always amazes me how exhausting battling pain can be.  I feel deeply sorry for anybody who has chronic pain and how debilitating it can be.  
I was also referred to a interventional radiologist for ablating two large cancerous spots on my liver.  Unfortunately those tumors are touching the diaphragm and he can not do the ablation.  So, they are going to try putting radioactive material in that area.  Sounds easy in theory, but it is two step surgical process.  First, they go through the large artery in my groin and up the vessels till they find the right spot in the liver where it won't affect my diaphragm or any other organ.  After they find the spot they mark it on the scans and seal me up.  Second procedure the actually put the radiological material in and monitor me  for a couple hours.  Again this is going through the groin artery.  First procedure is this week, second to the first week of August.
My arthritis is making it hard to write or close my hand into a fist, seems like a daily challenge combined with my brain tumors, a real challenge every day.
The tumors make it difficult to organize my thoughts, forget appointments, or confuse dates.
Been very hard to keep my spirits up.  I wonder at times if it would wise to stop all treatment. Haven't figured that out yet.
The heat has made my grass crinkly dry, but so is everyone else around me.  So much for walking through the grass, which I love to do.  Hopefully we get rain and my grass will green up so I can meander through the it.
I am also deeply sadden that I haven't seen my flock of turkeys.  I do not know where they went to, but I pray they are okay.  I have several ducks that like to stroll down the street in front of my house causing major traffic back ups, but who cares about traffic when these beautiful birds grace us with their presence.
My oldest grandson just finished his classroom training for driving, he will be taking his permit test in August and then will start his behind the wheel.  I think this scares me more than any medical issue I may face!
I hope everyone was able to enjoy the fourth holiday and maybe get a vacation in.  My thoughts are with you,  Stay cool and enjoy the remaining summer days.
Good bless all.

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