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Journal entry by Karlis Muiznieks

I was by Mike's side most of the day today. He is in tremendous pain, yet he continues to smile.

Here's the rundown of Mike's first attempt at flying:

Broken shoulder blade.
5 broken ribs
broken collarbone
Pelvis cracked in 3 places.
Third degree burns on his shins.

To summarize: Mike was hanging new vinyl by himself on a billboard about 30 feet in the air. Somehow he hit a power source that blew his shoes off and launched him back off the ladder. That was a blessing believe it or not, because If he had not let go. We're mourning the loss of our friend. All was going great for a full second, then he hit terra firma. Mike does not remember much about that. As Mike lay there in the tall grass (unbeknownst to passer's by) for who knows how long. What else could go wrong you ask ? Let's say the grass catches fire around our buddy laying unconscious in a heap. Tragic ? Nope. That fire draws the attention of the fire dept who arrive to do what they do. They find Mike.
God's hand guides it the rest of the way. He is seriously injured and at great risk. The EMT's determined a life flight Helicopter to Chapel Hill was his best chance. Interesting fact. When you are a trauma victim and rendered unconscious, They make up a name for you. Mike has been "Bud Lake" since yesterday.
The kids are all pitching in, and there are 700 friends volunteering to help. There will be time for all of that. Right now however, he is preparing for surgery on Thursday. He needs rest. Once he is released from ICU I will sound the all clear and you all can over run the place. There is serious business going on that floor. Pray for the Doctors,nurses, practitioners that they perform their work well.
I love the guy, and if your reading this, I know you do too.
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