Michael’s Story

Site created on April 21, 2020

Michael suffered a major stroke (brain bleed) on Monday, April 20, 2020.   The stroke occurred as he was checking in to be COVID-screened for work at AdventHealth Daytona Beach, so fortunately he was surrounded by quick-acting medical professionals and received care immediately.   

Neurosurgery took place within 2 hours or so to stop the bleed, but the doctor said before the surgery that it did not look promising for Michael. Following the surgery the doctor said he wished he had good news, but he did not and that the surgery did not go well.  There was just too much bleeding and Michael would not survive.  Michael was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and plans were made with hospice and the organ donation folks.  But then..........the next morning (April 21), Michael opened his eyes and squeezed the doctor's hand, much to the doctor's amazement. The doctor was speechless as he did not expect this at all!  Well, the Good Lord is not done with Michael yet and now we are working on healing!

Please share your well wishes, stories, pictures, anything you'd like on this avenue we will use for updating on Michael's condition.  Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ, the great physician and healer. Thanks be to God for the gift of Michael George Koch!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Linda Koch

It was one month ago today that Michael had this latest stroke. He is doing great at UF Health Rehab Hospital. He is scheduled to come home now on the 28th. Today he walked over 100 feet with a walker. He did a super job with speech therapy in recognizing pictures. He has been very tired so he is getting the rest he needs, but he is also being pushed pretty good with therapy which is fine by us. The more he gets the better he will be when we welcome him home. His case manager has found an agency to staff a caregiver while we are working. We are very thankful for that answered prayer. 

Today we also enjoyed a fun Father’s Day celebration. This is the second Father’s Day in a row that Michael has been in a facility. Last year Dennis sat on a patio and looked at Michael through the door and they talked on their cell phones. At least this year they are next to each other. Next year the goal is to celebrate at home!
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