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Site created on March 25, 2018

Megan has been currently placed on life support due to complications with her M.E.L.A.S syndrome. Megan entered the hospital on March 14th suffering from a stroke like episode which kicked off a new round of seizures. Megan continued to have seizures approx. every 3 - 5 minutes until she finally stopped after being on life support for 2 days, after 11 days of straight seizures. During this hospital visit due to the ongoing seizures Megan lost her ability to speak. They have already given me [ THE TALK ] the one no parent wants to have at a hospital ! Megan has developed several complications and the outlook seems grim. Even now that a machine is breathing for her and another feeding her, she still has a heartbeat ! She needs our support. She's a fighter and very stubborn ! Please visit her Go Fund Me campaign , just click ways to help.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by Megan Servaty

Sorry folks been kinda busy, however after many hours of heated conversations, they finally agreed to let me take Megan home. Megan is resting peacefully and is doing better. We will know more Thursday after the latest rounds of blood draws to see about her blood and liver functions, hopefully we don't have to go back to hospital. She is happy to be home with her cats, and sleeping in her own bed, We are far from being good to go, but home and comfy. The big news is that Forrest Fenn has agreed to meet with Megan and shake her hand, he is the old west, one thing we really love. So now we just have to make it to Sante Fe New Mexico, first on the new bucket list. We don't want to ginx her so we will get back to you all soon. Thankyou all for your support.
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