Matthew’s Story

Site created on May 9, 2018

Matthew is 35 years old and had a stroke on Monday May 7th 2018. He had a procedure to remove blood clots from his brain. He seemed to be improving but then his brain started swelling on Tuesday. Tuesday evening they removed part of his skull to give his brain room to swell. The next 72 hours are critical as his brain swells and hopefully starts going down. It is unknown what kind of deficits he may face in the future but for now prayers are requested for recovery for Matt.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Joddie Samuelson

Matt goes to the Dr tomorrow to get his staples out, good thing too since he has took out 4 of them himself. 😠 He told me he just rubbed his head and they fell out. Other than that he’s been doing really good.

He wants to stay at his apartment by himself, but I don’t think he’s ready to be alone yet. He thinks I treat him like a baby, I just want him to be safe and able to take care of himself. He’s come so Far, so Fast!

He also has PT, OT and Speech tomorrow. He actually likes going to all the therapies but thinks 10 minutes of each should be enough.



Matt had 88 staples removed!😮 So with the 4 He removed he had 92 staples total!
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