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Jun 13-19

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Another week down! Only 23 more radiation treatments and halfway through chemotherapy (but who’s counting?!)
I went with Matt to his long day of treatment thinking I was there to support him but little did I know, he impressed me with his morale boosting attitude. He greeted every patient and nurse as if he has known them forever. Once his steroid IV started flowing, so did the jokes  One lady that needed assistance but all the wheelchairs were in use, he offered to carry her out as he had just got his steroids. 😄 I guess you gotta make the best of your circumstances.
Eating has become more of a challenge as texture and acidity of foods are now a factor. Thanks to my boss, we are using a laser to treat mouth sores and for stimulating healing on his neck and face. We are grateful to have access to this and hope it helps with pain relief! Hope everyone has a great weekend ❤️

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