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Journal entry by Mary Luksza

So it's been three weeks since my first Chemo treatment. This past week has been much better every day as far as symptoms go. Mostly my energy level was much better, not great but better. I've been able to eat more too. My hair did start falling out on about day 14 which I've heard is a common time frame. I'll be wearing some type of hat/head covering from now on. I made the decision to have my hairdresser trim it up but not sure what she'll have to work with by the time I get there. My hair has been short for years now so I truly feel that has helped with my current comfort level about this.

Last week I posted that I had an MRI. It was a follow up of a CT scan that showed concern of my liver and pelvis. My results were good - that everything appeared normal. Specifically, what they saw on my liver was assumed to be several hemangioma's. That's something they don't know what causes it and it's generally something people are born with. The pelvis showed what they assumed are some Nabothian cysts. Also very common apparently. I haven't heard from my Oncologist what if anything he'll recommend for me to do with this information.

One thing is of special concern for me is that I have an issue with my platelets. I was just being diagnosed with ITP when all this started. It's an autoimmune issue that causes low platelets. My numbers have been checked these last few weeks and they have been pleased that I'm in a good range to continue treatment.

Thank you for your prayers. I noticed how much weaker I felt in everyway the first week after chemo - including spiritually. I'm not sure if that will continue every treatment or if it will ease up or get worse. Prayers for mental positivity, or at least healthy acknowledgement of negative emotions if that makes sense. Also for physical awareness of limits and strength to endure. Also for Greg and the kids - to continue and improve our relationships with each other through this strange season. 

Love you all!

To be continued...

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