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Site created on January 9, 2020

Welcome to our CaringBridge website.  This year we found out that Mary's breast cancer (from 8 years ago), has come back. She was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, meaning that it has spread into other areas of her body. She will be undergoing chemo therapy treatments in an effort to combat the cancer. We are using this site to keep family and friends updated in one place.  

We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Mary Krause

🎵🎶🎵 it was 3rd of June, another sleep, dusty, Delta day (The day that Billy Joe McCallister jumped off the Tallahassee Bridge). 🎶🎵🎶
Every year, when this date rolls around, that song is stuck in my head like a brain worm. Bobbie Gentry sang it so long ago.  It’s weird the stuff you remember.

Today I had a video conference with my oncologist. She was giving me the results of my recent bloodwork and CT Scan. 

I was expecting bad news. Partly because of my depressed state of mind: Cancer, Covid and Commotion. I’ve been feeling very tired, also. 

My CT Scan showed no growth of the cancer. My bloodwork showed that my hemoglobin is a bit lower (hence the tiredness) and my blood cancer markers, which at first check in December 2019 were 757, are currently at 113!  I was very pleased to hear this, as you can imagine. 

She said that my color looked good, and I can expect three years of holding off the cancer at my current rate of progress. Even IF I had a bucket list, which I don’t, I wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere anyway, due to the Covid Virus and lack of funds. That is disheartening. 

I’ve been upset by the rioting in my home cities and around the nation. We all come from the same Creator. Many imagine themselves as separate from one another (The Great Lie).  
We are all ONE. 
Show ❤️Love❤️ 
Have Respect 
Be kind
Do good 

It’s  really not as complicated as we make it.

 I have found some happy distractions. My grandkids have been quarantined as long as I have. So I do go over to the farm to spend time with them. And they come here sometimes too.

I also planted flowers on my deck. Sunflowers and Blue Morning Glories from seed, which are happily doing well. And some that are already blooming for my immediate gratification. 😂 

I haven’t made masks lately. I ran out of elastic. But I have some on back order which should be arriving shortly.

I’m looking for an adult trike so I can amble around the neighborhood. If anyone knows of one I can use, or buy, please let me know!

Please continue to pray for me and send me positive thoughts. I do believe in the power of this, and appreciate your concern. 

I ❤️Love❤️ you ALL❣️

Mary 🥰

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