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Journal entry by Martina Garcia

Cancer.  One of the most scariest words  to hear you have  that was something that happened to someone else 

Well I got to hear those words on. May. 27. I knew they had a wrong diagnoses it’s call denial so I went on to San Marcos Tx kept working 

All along the pain. Which was called gastritis. The pain became so severe that on June 18 while doing Domingo live show the pain became so aggressive I was thinking I’m not gonna make it. I knew something was terribly wrong so I told my producer and CHR label I would not be able to do any interviews that were secluded after show

We left. I was beside myself with pain we barely made it to Kenndy ER. WHERE. Upon test the dr says you have to go streight to your dr you have some bad cancer in your liver so we traveled all night. Through the pain and fighting the bad weather we arrived to my drs office the next day in Childress Texas

Immediately he sechuled me with the Harrington cancer center in Amarillo Texas  with Dr Patel there I was told you have stage 4 liver cancer I’m going to start you on chemo right away because if I wait to see where the cancer is coming from we might lose you

The first few nights a horrific fear would come to me the fear of death. My mind would say your dying your gonna die

It would almost freeze my body in fear so I called my friend and said I have a favor to ask you.

He said yes anything I said would you sit by my bed and assure me that I’m ok while I pray and bind In The name of Jesus to rid myself of this fear

He did and I pray and the fear left and acceptance came. 

In the Name of Jesus I am ready to face what it may bring 

Then I had to let go of regrets anger and trying to answer why. So emotionally. I became sable. Of course having cancer means so many other things besides chemo. It’s biopsy’s after biopsy’s and procedure after procedure. Always sick always hurting sometimes to weak to walk to even talk 

My hair became so ugly and brittle I had to cut it off. Still looking forward to when it all falls off.  That’s ok it will grow back  my goal is to survive this this monster that has attack my body. And come out a better person for it   I was so worried about finances because already the blood markers used to identify cancer my insurance only paid 50 percent so I talked to my friend Mercy her and her Husbsnd leeroy angles put here on earth to help then they contacted Vicente and his wife Isabel two more angels on earth and started a fundraiser to help me and I saw Gods hand at work to bless me there are so many angels here on earth we just don’t notice them till we need them

I have alway said through My God I will be Martina strong and even if my body dies my children will live on and be a testament that I was here. My music will play on. 

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